1-1 Art, healing & happiness sessions


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Art, healing & happiness sessions 

1:1 sessions for women – for welcoming intuitive flow, colour and gentleness into your life

Beautiful if you are open to spirituality, creativity, curiosity and wonder and long to feel more inner connection, inspiration and happiness.

All sessions take place on Zoom at the introductory price of £40 for 1 hour (approx $55 USD)
  • Perhaps you love art, want to return to painting again or begin to explore, but are feeling a lack of confidence, anxiety or uncertainty…​​
  • Perhaps you feel you’ve lost your joy, energy or clarity, feel constricted, alone, unable to truly express yourself and are ready to reconnect inwardly now with self-compassion and warmth…
  • Perhaps you are gently gathering inner strength and direction after a painful experience or relationship, feeling vulnerable and unsure but knowing the light within is ready to emerge now!

​Some information 

These sessions are gentle, safe spaces for developing self-acceptance, trust, coming home to ourselves again and being surprised, inspired and delighted too, whilst also igniting a creative momentum that guides us further.

The sessions have a structure and flow, including a guided mediation, quiet painting, traditional and new! art exercises for releasing control and judgement, increasing playfulness and for finding new ways of seeing and experiencing, both in our art and our lives.

The sessions also look at creating a daily spiritual practice that works for you and will also include elements, as relevant for you, such as EFT, Reiki for self-healing, visualisation techniques, movement and Self-enquiry.

Feeling, expressing and nurturing our creativity can be hard and with busy lives it can feel like a non-essential luxury, however when we do grant ourselves even a little time, we see the immense benefits ripple out into all areas of our lives, experiencing how necessary it is.

Listening within and expressing our voice and energies in many ways, through line, colour, form, painting, rhythm, movement, texture, word can be a liberation and reveal & release fears, uncertainties and beliefs that hold us back. Intuitive painting allows us to release judgement and control, more and more and so be open to the new and to all sorts of surprises.

​Rather than ‘trying to change’, we move into a completely new space and begin to flow with life.

These are kind, encouraging sessions, warm and friendly with no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, ‘good’ or ‘bad’, all is good and welcome.

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Specification: 1-1 Art, healing & happiness sessions



1-1 sessions

sessions for women

1-1 Art, healing & happiness sessions
1-1 Art, healing & happiness sessions


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