Hello Lovely Crafters!
I am Kriszta Kemeny the creative mind behind MANOfestum.  Being a craftsy person I have always been after new ideas to try out, courses to take. Sometimes I got lost between the sites offering online courses…I felt something was  missing…I’ve been carrying the idea of this website for many years now.
I wanted to create a site where visitors can easily browse between categories, compare the offers, find online and onsite stores and share their creations.
Where they can find cuopons and special offers to make less painful to buy that 528th ball of yarn…

Featuring artists and artisans on my other media Folt Bolt,  I have realized that many of the artists already offered workshops and courses and promoting them this way can be useful as well.

MANOfestum is a unique directory site, that collects online and in person arts & crafts courses, patterns&tutorials.

My goal is to collect and showcase as many as possible, whether if it’s created by an aspiring artist or delivered by a bigger team! Instructors can submit their own courses, workshops.

You also can help to build this community by sharing the name and address of your favourite arts & crafts stores…anywhere in world!
Email: info@manofestum.com
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