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Cookies placed by us serve the following purposes:

RECOGNITION: We use cookies to identify visitors who have already established an account with us.

WEBSITE PERFORMANCE: Cookies help us map pathways our visitors use to navigate our site, enabling us to improve those journeys and identify site malfunctions.

ANALYTICS: We use cookies to measure the effectiveness of our various advertising and marketing channels

FRAUD PREVENTION: Cookies can help us monitor suspicious activity on our site and prevent fraud.

PERSONALISATION: Cookies enable us to understand which of the many product categories on our site are of likely to be of interest to a visitor and provide a more personalised browsing experience on future visits. This information also enables us to make our direct marketing communications and our advertising on other websites more relevant to the recipient.


Use of pixels in emails

Our emails often contain a single, campaign-unique “web beacon pixel” to tell us whether, and how many times, our messages are opened and to verify any clicks through to links or advertisements. We use this information to generate aggregate statistics on which of our emails are more interesting to recipients and their degree of engagement with our website. The pixel will be deleted when you delete the email. If you do not wish the pixel to be downloaded to your device, you should select to receive emails from us in plain text rather than HTML. Depending on which email software you are using, this option may be available in your settings.


How to manage cookies on your device

Web browsers offer ways to configure your cookie settings – see Your browser may also enable you to open a browsing window that isolates your browsing history and limits or blocks the way cookies operate on your device. Different browsers have different names and variations of this function – e.g. “Private Window” in Apple Safari and Firefox, “Incognito Window” in Google Chrome, and “InPrivate” in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.



This policy is effective from 17 November 2021.
Any changes will be posted on this page. If changes are significant, we may choose to notify you by email or to clearly indicate on our home page that the policy has been updated.

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