Adonna Ebrahimi

'Scarlett and Vermillon'

Born and raised in the Cincinnati Tri-state area, Adonna was introduced to commercial art through a vocational – technical program in high school. She knew at a young age art was her calling. Working for small advertising agencies in Northern Kentucky and New Jersey for more than 15 years, she relocated to the West Coast in 1998 and  raised a family. Eventually being led back to what she has always held dear in her heart, she has pursued the creative life. 
Her favorite medium is acrylics, and often she incorporates oil pastel, colored pencil or graphite into her work.

'Provence Lavender Church'

Adonna often challenges herself to utilize natural objects from the outdoors and discarded items from the home in her creative endeavors. The contrast between these two sources brings about a competing energy within the artistic process, a pleasant tension she appreciates. 

Pressing my fingers into the deep smooth paint and onto the flat coarse canvas sparks a sensation of pure joy and energy and reveals these flowers as I enthusiastically create. I hope you can appreciate this experience and perhaps imagine how you might approach it if given the time and space.” 

'New Beginnings'

In her love for flowers, Adonna embraces every aspect of them. When planting flowers, she intentionally avoids wearing gloves, desiring to feel the soil with her bare hands as they prepare the nurturing ground for beautiful blooms. This tactile connection with the soil and flora is an integral part of her artistic focus. 

Flowers have a general, basic design that repeats in thousands of forms. And yet, each one is its own miracle of intricate shape, texture and fragrance. A single flower can compel us to joy. And when one flower combines with some others – of the same species or not – in a single spot, the result can mesmerize an unsuspecting viewer. I seek that power when I paint. “

Flowers are a big part of my body of work. They just make me so happy. I have completed a number of landscapes recently, and hope to explore that more. And trees! I’ve sort of fallen in love with trees lately.

'Lilac Love'
'Garden Party'
'Pierre's Olive’s Grove'

I am thrilled to have collectors of my work in the US and abroad, and open up my schedule quarterly to commissioned work. The past couple of years I have focused on a new offering that I call  a “Keepsake Painting” – A custom piece of art of a bride’s wedding bouquet. One glance at the art will always evoke the beauty of this most special day, and it’s an honor to be a part of that. 

I feel strongly that there is nothing quite like the vibe and energy of original art in your space. I encourage people to start small and get a sense of just how an original can make you feel. For those with a limited budget, I do offer prints of various sizes and mediums, and merchandise.

'Red Poppies in France'



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