MANOfestum is an ARTS & CRAFTS directory website.
We collect online and in-person courses, classes, workshops, patterns&tutorials from all around the world.
Join MANOfestum as a member and list your own classes!

Our mission is to support artists and artisans, giving them great exposure. Take a look at our Featured Post and Art Show options! 


1: Is MANOfestum a shop? 
MANOfestum is a directory site. All the links navigate back to artists, artisans or companie’s accounts!

2: How much does it cost to list on MANOfestum?
There’s a FREE TRIAL period for 6 months then you can continue with the paid membership.
See them all HERE.

3: What can I list on MANOfestum?
– arts&crafts workshops
– online courses, lessons
– your own patterns and tutorials
You can also blog about your patterns, tutorials, experiences with different art materials etc…

4: Can I write in my language rather than in English?
Sure you can! 
However please note, that we provide customer service only in English and Hungarian!

5: Do I need to create an account to see the listings on MANOfestum?
NO. You can browse on MANOfestum as much as you want without creating an account.
You have to create your account only if you want to list your courses, workshops or write blog posts.

6: Can I show my works without a membership?
Yes you can. Take a look at the Featured Posts options!

7. What is the currency on MANOfestum?
The prices are in USD. 

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